The Lynx Music Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art suite with four sound rooms and all the luxuries a musician could desire. The facility features top-of-the-line equipment, expert acoustic design, and a private lounge and kitchenette. We cater the convenience, so you can capture the creativity.

Live Room


The Lynx Music Live Room is our largest and most well-equipped recording space. From the Tama Starclassic drum kit to the 24 tie lines into the Control Room, and all the brand-new guitar, bass and headphone amps in between, the Live Room waits ready to track your next album. Feel like tracking live-off-the-floor? No problem. We’ve got 15 more industry-standard mics to choose from. The Live Room also can be fitted with a green screen or white backdrop and is perfect for photo and video shoots. Throw in fully-customizable lighting, dual HD projectors and comfort seating for 6 and you’ve found your recording mecca in downtown Toronto.

Control Room


With a huge 70″ 4K display set above a modern 2-seater engineering desk, the Control Room serves as Lynx Music’s command centre to oversee production. Whether tracking through the 20 world-class LaChappell, Neve and API preamps or mixing via the Universal Audio x16 interface and Dynaudio LYD 48 reference monitors- engineers, producers and band mates alike will every have every tool at their disposal. The Control Room also includes two 3-seater sofas when you need a break from all that hard (fun) work. With convenient interconnectivity to the Live and Iso rooms and access to Lynx Music’s private bathroom and kitchenette, The Control Room provides the perfect setting to bring your musical vision to life. Commander, engage.

Production Room


Featuring a world class signal chain and a new 6-core Mac Mini workstation, the Production Room is truly your private sonic laboratory. Create your masterpiece while making use of Universal Audio’s x16 interface, Dynaudio’s LYD 48 reference monitors and elite Neve and API preamps. With affordable pricing, convenient interconnectivity to the live and Iso rooms, and access to Lynx Music’s private bathroom and kitchenette, the Production Room is the place to get some serious work done.

Isolation Room


The Isolation room may now be rented standalone for $10/hour. Or $6/hour when rented with either the Control room or Production room. It offers true isolation- perfect for vocal tracking, voice-overs and solo or duet instrument recording. See the room page for full details.


Nestled outside of sensitive recording areas, the Kitchenette & Lounge offers relaxed seating, a full-sized fridge, high-speed Wi-Fi and a private washroom. Unwind and recharge with ease, so you can get back to the music.