Live Room

Live Room


The Lynx Music Live Room is our largest and most well-equipped recording space. From the Tama Starclassic drum kit to the 24 tie lines into the Control Room, and all the brand-new guitar, bass and headphone amps in between, the Live Room waits ready to track your next album. The Live Room now includes a production desk with a 2019 Mac Mini, Dynaudio LYD-48 speakers and Universal Audio x8p interface. Feel like tracking live-off-the-floor? No problem. We’ve got 15 more industry-standard mics to choose from. The Live Room also can be fitted with a green screen or white backdrop and is perfect for photo and video shoots. Throw in fully-customizable lighting, dual HD projectors and comfort seating for 6 and you’ve found your recording mecca in downtown Toronto.

Equipment List:

  • Recording Desk: 2019 Mac Mini w/ mouse & keyboard, Asus 34″ curved ultrawide display, Dynaudio LYD-48 Speakers, Universal Audio x8p, 2 office chairs
  • Drums: Tama Starclassic Performer B/B -PR52S
  • Cymbals: Sabian AAX limited Edition (2 crashes, hats, ride)
  • Bass Amp: Ampeg SVT-7 Pro + Ampeg SVT-610HLF Cabinet)
  • Guitar Amps:
    • Orange Rockerverb 100 mk3 + Orange PPC412 AD Cabinet
    • Marshall JVM210H Amp + Marshall 1960A Cabinet
    • Fender ’65 Twin Reverb
    • Vox AC30C2
  • Headphone Amp: Presonus HP60
  • Mic Splitters: (2) Radial OX8
  • DI: Radial JDI Stereo D.I.Box
  • Mixing Board: Presonus StudioLive AR22 USB
  • PA Monitors: (2) QSC E12
  • Floor monitors: (2) QSC E10
  • Music Stands: (6) Yorkville BS-310
  • Seating: 4 stools w/ footrest, 1 drum throne, 3-seat sofa, 3 chairs

Microphone Collection:

(1)  Neumann U87

(1)  Sennheiser e935

(4)  Shure SM7b

(4)  Shure SM57

(2)  Neumann KM 185

(1)  AKG D112

*The live room can be outfitted with a green screen or white backdrop for an $80 set-up fee. Drums and other large equipment will be cleared out of the room and the screen set up, ready for your arrival.


*Maximum capacity: 8 people (reduced due to COVID-19) 25 people. For bookings greater than 15 people, the entire recording studio must be booked.