Live Room

Live Room


The Lynx Music Live Room is our largest and most well-equipped recording space. From the Tama Starclassic drum kit to the 16 tie lines into the Control Room, and all the brand-new guitar, bass and headphone amps in between, the Live Room waits ready to track your next album. Feel like tracking live-off-the-floor? No problem. We’ve got 15 more industry-standard mics to choose from. The Live Room also can be fitted with a green screen or white backdrop and is perfect for photo and video shoots. Throw in fully-customizable lighting, dual HD projectors and comfort seating for 6 and you’ve found your recording mecca in downtown Toronto.

Equipment List:

  • Drums: Tama starclassic performer B/B -PR52S + Sabian AAX limited Edition (2 crashes, hats, ride)
  • Bass Amp: Ampeg SVT-7 pro + Ampeg SVT-610HLF Cabinet)
  • Guitar Amps:
    • Orange Rockerverb 100 mk3 + Orange PPC412 AD Cabinet
    • Marshall JVM210H Amp + Marshall 1960A Cabinet
    • Fender ’65 Twin Reverb
    • Vox AC30C2
  • Headphone Amp: Presonus HP60
  • Mic Splitters: (2x) Radial OX8
  • Vocal Mics: (4x) Sennheiser E935
  • Drum Mics: (2x) Neumann KM185, AKG D112
  • Guitar Mics: (4x) Sennheiser e609
  • Mixing Board: Presonus StudioLive AR22 USB
  • PA Monitors: (2x) QSC E12
  • Floor monitors: (2x) QSC E10
  • Seating: 4 playing stools with footrest, one drum throne, 3-seater sofa, 3 comfy chairs

Microphone Collection:

Large diaphragm Condenser mic Flea 47 Next
Large diaphragm Condenser mic Neumann U87 AI
Pencil Condenser mics (2x) Neumann km185
Pencil Condenser mics (2x) Neumann km184
Large diaphragm dynamic mics (2x) Shure sm7b’s
Medium diaphragm dynamic mics (2x) Sennheiser 421
Large diaphragm dynamic mics (2x) AKG D112
Vocal mic Shure beta 57
Medium diaphragm dynamic mics (3x) Shure sm57
Medium diaphragm dynamic mics (3x) Shure sm58

*The Control Room and Production Room come with access to the shared Microphone Collection