10:00am to midnight, 7 days a week. Late-night bookings available, see below or ask our staff for more details.

We allow late night bookings on a case-by-case basis. Clients must complete 3 problem-free bookings during regular hours, sign a late-night agreement form and leave a photo ID on file. Ask our staff for more details.

We close early (5pm) Dec 24

We are closed Dec 25

We close early (5pm) Dec 31

We are closed Jan 1

Our rehearsal studios range from:

6 Standard Rooms @ $25/hour

2 Premium Rooms @ $29/hour

1 Live Room @ $33/hour

Check out our room pages to see individual pricing and tour the spaces!

Lynx Music rehearsal studios include drums, guitar and bass amps, a PA system, mics and much more! Check out our room pages to see an equipment list and tour the spaces!

Cancellations up to 24h before the start of a booking: no charge

Cancellations between 24h and 2h of the start of a booking: 50% the cost of the booking

Cancellations within 2h of the start of a booking or no-shows: 100% the cost of the booking

The credit card registered to create a booking online will be charged for any same-day cancellation fee or no-show unless payment is received in some other way prior to the booking’s start time.

Lynx Music has several items available for rent (rented for the duration of your booking). These items may be reserved when booking, or requested upon arrival (while supplies last). Check out our Rental Gear page for the full list.

Standard Rooms: 270 sq. ft. (~19′ x 14′)

Premium Rooms: 350 sq. ft. (~25′ x 14′)

Live Room: 620 sq. ft. (~29′ x 21′)

Ceiling height, all rooms: 10’4″

Bookings require a minimum of 1 hour.

Yes! Weekdays from 10am-5pm solo musicians can rent any available standard rehearsal room for $15/hour including HST. Just let our staff know when you’re making your booking.

Yes, a FREE 42 car parking lot!

From Dupont Station, take bus 26 westbound to Emerson Avenue. You may also travel from Lansdowne Station, take bus 47 north to Dupont Street and walk 2 blocks east to Emerson Avenue.

Yes, Lynx Music has a vending machine stocked with common items such as sticks, strings, capos, cables, batteries and more.

Yes, Lynx Music offers snack and beverage machines as well as a coffee machine.

Showcases and events are booked on a case-by-case basis, both inside our facility and in the parking lot! 

If you are renting space at Lynx Music for a special event please email

Yes, if the room is available bookings can be extended.

Yes, as long as you book until at least 1am and you must book at least the 10am-11am hour in the same room on the following day.

Walk-in bookings are accepted, but we recommend reserving your room in advance as our studios are very busy.

As we are an hourly rental facility we do not offer any discounts for bookings of 3 hours or more.

Yes, our front desk staff can help you get started. However, you may need to wait for them to become available if they are already assisting another client.

Yes, each room has a locking privacy set which can be used to keep your gear safe when going for a break outside. Front desk staff will be required to let you back into your room.

Yes, Lynx Music is fully wheelchair accessible, including one washroom and a dedicated entrance/exit.

Lynx Music is located at Lansdowne and Dupont, a quick walk from several cafes including Hale Coffee Co., Wallace Espresso, Emerson Espresso and more. For convenience stores or grocery there is a nearby Pioneer Station, Min-A-Mart and Food Basics.

YES! Our monthly facility is located at 160 Islington Ave. For more info check out our MONTHLIES page.