We are now offering in-house guitar setups at Lynx Music!

Drop off your instrument after jamming and pick it up the following week (workload permitting, of course)! Our service portal is entirely online – let us know what kind of lovin’ your instrument needs and our service team will be in touch. We offer both standard and deluxe setups as well as light repairs (priced on a case-by-case basis).

What’s included in a guitar or bass setup?

-Check and tighten hardware

-Check and clean electronics


-Truss rod adjustment

-General clean of fretboard and neck

-Quick polish

All items listed on Standard Setup plus:

-Fret polish

-Nut slots – cleaned and filed

-Deep clean fretboard

-Adjusting neck angle (add or remove shim)

-Resoldering or other electronic work

-Clean and polish entire instrument

-Swapping out a bad jack

-Swapping out faulty pots

-Ground hum from wiring

-Fixing sharp fret ends

-Repair or replace broken tuners

-Other hardware problems (saddle, bridge etc)

-Please note our shop is not equipped for luthiery/woodwork repairs.

Note that specialty setups like Floyd Rose, baritone or 7-strings will incur an extra charge for complexity of work.

We also offer shielding paint, relic wax and other premium services, please enquire for details!

Strings are extra – or bring in your own!

Fill out our service form to schedule your guitar setup today!

Questions? Email us at service@lynxmusic.ca

P.S. We strongly encourage you to check out our FAQ for further info

Click Here For Our Guitar Setup Form
Click Here For Our Guitar Setup Form