We provide electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass setups as well as light repairs.

A setup is maintenance for your guitar.  It includes things like:

  • Check, clean, repair electronics
  • Clean fretboard, polish frets
  • Adjust string action height
  • Set intonation
  • Truss rod / neck adjustment

Soldering broken wires, swapping out dodgy jacks, cleaning or replacing switches, buzzing frets, things like that.

Generally we don’t do luthier work (heavy woodwork, major damage, broken headstock, etc) because we aren’t set up for that. But feel free to ask for what you need and we can tell you if we’re able to help!  Shoot us a message at

In the contact form there’s a section where you can let us know about whatever issue you have in life.  We will reach out if there’s a need to discuss further.

Unfortunately we don’t have a shopfront where customers can talk in-person with our service techs. Give us the details as best you can in our contact form and we’ll let you know if we need any clarification.

Lynx front desk staff are NOT service techs – they’ll take great care to make sure your instrument is safely delivered to our service department, but they can’t answer technical questions or offer estimates/advice regarding your repair.  Our service techs will reach out to you once they’ve read your contact form/seen the instrument to discuss if needed!

The base price for a setup is $75 + HST for a standard setup OR $95 + HST for a deluxe setup, plus the cost of a new set of strings (price of strings depends on what strings you choose). Additional work is priced on a case-by-case basis.  Work under $100 we will go ahead and do.  Work over $100 we will reach out for approval prior to beginning.

It depends on our workload, but our aim is to get your instrument back to you in a week.  We’ll let you know what timeframes to expect.

Fill out our contact form.  When you’ve filled it out you’ll get an email with a service number.  You can then drop off the instrument with a front desk staff at Lynx Music (260 Emerson Avenue, Toronto, ON).

No problem!  You must be on some kind of device right now, so feel free to fill out our online form.

When you pick up your instrument you can pay at the front desk.  We accept cash, debit or credit.  We aren’t set up for e-transfers at the moment, sorry.