Fill out our Repairs Form ahead of time before coming in or when you drop off your gear.  You will get an automated email confirmation that we have your unit.  Once it’s looked at you will be notified with an estimate.  Once the estimate is approved, the unit is repaired.  Another automated email is sent with all your repair information.  We will also try to reach you by phone.  Payment is on pickup.  Drop off and pick up times are 10am to midnight seven days a week.

Most electronic music gear!  Amps, keyboards, pedals, PA, and studio gear.  Yamaha (warranty authorized), Fender, Marshall, Traynor, Roland, Vox, Orange, Ampeg, Mesa Boogie, Korg, Friedman, Revv, Suhr, Laney, Gibson, National, Peavey, Mackie, JBL, QSC, Soundcraft, PRS, Universal Audio, and ZT amps.

Home stereo/HiFi equipment, acoustic/hybrid pianos, Casio, Kurtzweil, Alesis, Behringer, modular and vintage synths*.

*Feel free to ask about your weird gear.  If we’re unable to fix it we can likely direct you to where someone can.

Labour is $90/hour.  The minimum/estimate fee is $45.  Some repairs can be as little as $45!  Most repairs are an hour or two labour.  You will be called with an estimate.

Unfortunately it is impossible to know what it will cost to fix your gear until some time has gone in to it.  For example, “no power” could be as simple as soldering a bad connection, likely $45.  Or, it could be a dead transformer or power supply board, which can be up to $500.  

It should be noted that the initial estimate given may not be the final estimate.  For example, a keyboard with no power may need a new power supply board.  Once that is replaced, there may be dead keys or buttons, which will require more work.

Nope! There is no fee to drop off your gear.

When you pick up your equipment you can pay at the front desk.  We accept cash, debit or credit.  We aren’t set up for e-transfers at the moment, sorry. You will be notified once your repair is complete.

Most gear is looked at within 2-4 weeks of being dropped off.  From there, the customer is called with an estimate.  Once the estimate is approved the unit is fixed within a few days, if not same day.   

Parts orders usually take 2-4 weeks but can be 3-6 months in some cases.

While it is impossible to guarantee fixing something in any time frame (parts may need to be ordered), an additional 50% labour charge can be applied and your unit will be looked at, and hopefully fixed, within one week.  


But if you’re curious about electronics we’re happy to point you in the right directions to learn!

Troubleshooting home made gear is labour intensive but not impossible! Fill out our Repairs Form and we’ll let you know.

Our warranty on repairs is 90 days.  If the same problem occurs it will be fixed at no charge. 

Yes, but the repair will not have warranty coverage.

No!  But we can test them for you.  We have tube testers on hand if you bring them in we can let you know which ones are still good.  Labour charges apply depending on the size of the box.  

In most cases, the minimum charge is applied if repair has been attempted but was unsuccessful.

Unfortunately we don’t have a shopfront where customers can talk in-person with our service techs. Give us the details as best you can in our Repairs Form and we’ll let you know if we need any clarification.

Lynx front desk staff are NOT service techs – they’ll take great care to make sure your equipment is safely delivered to our service department, but they can’t answer technical questions or offer estimates/advice regarding your repair.  Our service techs will reach out to you once they’ve read your contact form/seen the equipment to discuss if needed!

Fill out our Repairs Form. When you’ve filled it out you’ll get an email with a service number.  You can then drop off the instrument with a front desk staff at Lynx Music (260 Emerson Avenue, Toronto, ON).

No problem!  You must be on some kind of device right now, so feel free to fill out our Repairs Form.