Terms and Conditions

Technical Support

For sessions booked without a Lynx engineer clients are responsible for the setup and operation of all recording hardware and software, including equipment provided by Lynx.  Lynx floor staff are not engineers, are only trained on basic functionality of our recording equipment, and can offer only very limited technical assistance.  Immediate assistance may not be available, and anything beyond a brief orientation of the equipment in our rooms is not guaranteed.  Clients should be comfortable with studio signal flow including setting up their own microphones, and using a DAW.  


Clients may not enter rooms they have booked prior to the start time of their booking to set up, and must be completely out of the room including any gear they’ve brought with them by the end of their booking.   Clients must the room to its default condition within reason.  This includes wrapping cables, taking rental mics off stands (excluding mics included in the backline of the room), cleaning up any garbage or mess, and returning any moved equipment or furniture to its default location.  Sessions can be booked back-to-back without any grace period, so please keep this in mind when you choose your booking length.  Lynx staff may enforce teardown even if you are not finished a recording project.

Support for Outside Equipment/Computers

To connect to our interface your computer must connect by thunderbolt, and you must install the drivers for it available for download on Universal Audio’s website.  For best results we recommend a thunderbolt 3 compatible computer.  You are always welcome to bring your own audio interface, or simply connect any computer/device of yours to our speakers directly via 1/8”, 1/4” or XLR cables.

We’ve made things as easy as possible to connect your own computers and other devices to our systems, but we do not make any guarantees regarding compatibility of outside computers or any other outside equipment.

Data Storage

We delete files off of our computers frequently and are not responsible for the loss of any files left behind here. Save everything you need to your own personal storage!


Payment is due at the beginning of your session. We accept cash, credit or debit – we do not accept e-transfers. 
We must receive payment in full before the session begins, if we do not receive payment you will not be admitted to the recording studio. No exceptions. 

Cancellation/Lateness Policy 

Day-before cancellations/changes (until midnight): No charge 
Same-day cancellations/no-shows: 50% of the booking cost 
Late-shows: No discount (100% of booking cost) 
Shortening a booking same-day: 50% of each hour cancelled. 
Changing rooms/times same-day without shortening the bookingNo charge, provided a room is available and the total for the changed booking does not equal less than the original booking.