Street Room

The Street Room


Combine the gritty feel of a stroll through Kensington Market with all the luxuries of a professional studio, and you’ve got The Street Room – a graffiti-splashed bastion of fast-paced culture and spirited songs. With original artwork by Ottawa’s Dominic Laporte fueling the inspiration, and killer gear ready to deliver the goods at any volume, it’s the place to cut loose and have some fun.

  • Drums: Tama Starclassic Performer B/B -PR52S
  • Cymbals: Sabian AAX limited Edition (2 crashes, hats, ride)
  • Bass Amp: Ampeg SVT-7 Pro + Ampeg SVT-610HLF Cabinet
  • Guitar Amps:
    • Orange Rockerverb 100 mk3 + Orange PPC412 AD Cabinet
    • Fender ’65 Twin Reverb
    • Vox AC30C2
  • Vocal Mics: (3) Sennheiser E935
  • Mixing Board: Presonus StudioLive AR16 USB
  • PA Monitors: (2) QSC e10
  • Music Stands: (3) Yorkville BS-310
  • Seating: 3 playing stools with footrest, one drum throne, one comfy chair

*All rooms include HD Projector with iPad control, mini refrigerator, cell phone charging connections (iPhone and Android) and lots more!

*Maximum capacity: 5 people (reduced due to COVID-19).