Recording FAQ

What are Lynx Music’s hours of operation?

10:00am to midnight, 7 days a week. Late-night bookings available, see below or ask our staff for more details.

Are after hours rehearsal bookings possible?

We allow late-night bookings on a case-by-case basis. Clients must complete 3 problem-free bookings during regular hours, sign a late-night agreement form and leave a photo ID on file. Ask our staff for more details.

What are Lynx Music's holiday hours?

We close early (5pm) Dec 24

We are closed Dec 25

We close early (5pm) Dec 31

We open late (6pm) Jan 1

What are the recording studio hourly rates?

Control Room @ $28/hour


Production Room @ $24/hour


Live Room @ $32/hour


Isolation Room @ $10/hour standalone

$6/hour when rented with either the Control Room or Production Room)


Lynx Music engineer, each hour $28 (minimum 3 hours)

Is there a minimum number of hours needed to book the recording studio?

Bookings require a minimum of 1 hour. Booking a Lynx engineer requires 3 hours.

What is Lynx Music’s cancellation policy?

Day-before cancellations/changes (until midnight): No charge


Same-day cancellations/no-shows: 50% of the total booking cost + 100% of the total engineer cost


Late-shows: No discount (100% of booking cost)


Changing rooms/times same-day: No charge, if the room is available and/or the engineer can accommodate the time change.


Shortening a booking same-day: 50% room rental + 100% engineering fee for each hour cancelled. For example, if a client changes a 4-hour $22/h room w/ engineer booking to 3 hours, the total bill will be $170 (3 hours @ $47/h ($22/h room + $25/h engineer) + 1 cancelled hour at $36 (50% of $22 + $25 engineering fee).

Do you have additional equipment for rent?

Lynx Music has several items available for rent (rented for the duration of your booking). These items may be reserved when booking, or requested upon arrival. (While supplies last).


(2) Yamaha MX88 keyboards: $10/each 


(2) Single-tier keyboard stands: $2/each 


(2) Snare drum stands: $2/each


(2) Cymbal stands: $2/each


(1) QSC CP8 floor wedge monitor: $5/each


(1) Neumann U87: $10/each 


(6) Sennheiser e-935 vocal mics w/ stand & cable, cup holder, phone clip: $5/each 


(2) Atlas mic stands w/ boom arms: $2/each 


(4) Audio-Technica M40x headphones w/ extension cable: $5/each 


(15) Music stands: $1/each


(16) Padded folding chairs: $1/each 


(1) Rolling work desks w/ 1 desk chair: $10/each 


(3) Cymbal stands: $2/each


(1) Snare stand: $2


(1)  QSC CP8 powered floor monitor: $5


(1) Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenser mic: $10

What size are the recording studio rooms?

Live Room 620 square feet (approx. 29’ x 21’)


Control Room 320 square feet (approx. 19’ x 17’)


Production Room 110 square feet (approx. 12’ x 11’)


Isolation Room 60 square feet (approx. 9’ x 7’)


All rooms have 10.5 foot ceilings

What DAW’s do Lynx engineers use?

Every Lynx engineer uses Pro Tools. Certain engineers use other DAW’s as well; always check with us before booking if you need to work in a DAW other than Pro Tools, and we will find you a suitable match.

Do I need to include set-up / clean-up / file export time in my booking?

Yes, your time is up on the hour. Please allow ample time for set-up and clean-up as well as file export/bouncing to your USB/storage drive. Studios must be cleared promptly at the end of the session.

What happens if I leave files/sessions on a Lynx computer?

Lynx Music is not responsible for any data left on our computers. We cannot guarantee any files will be saved after you leave your session. We have USBs for sale on-site and encourage all clients to take all your files with you.

Can I bring my own engineer/engineer sessions myself?

Yes, but professional recording studio experience is needed and we always recommend booking with an engineer for your first session. If you do not book with an engineer, Lynx floor staff will only be available to provide limited/brief assistance.

Can I request a specific engineer?

Yes, if they are available.

How far in advance do I need to book a session with a Lynx engineer?

To ensure we can provide an engineer, reservations must be made 2 days in advance. Occasionally engineers are available on short notice; this may be requested, but no guarantees.

Are all recording rooms sound isolated?

The Control Room and Production Room are very quiet, but not 100% isolated; they are still suitable for most recording projects. The Live Room & Isolation Room have 100% isolation. See the Isolation Tier guide on the “Recording” page.

How does the microphone collection work?

Every room has it’s own dedicated microphone collection, as shown in the “Equipment List” on each recording room page. Booking multiple rooms gives you exclusive access to the mics in both of those rooms.

Is there parking available?

Yes, a FREE 32 car parking lot.

Are there snack/beverage vending machines?

Yes, Lynx Music offers snack and beverage machines, and a coffee machine.

Does Lynx Music accommodate showcases or events?

Due to COVID-19, we have reduced the Live Room capacity to a maximum of 6 people. Yes, in the Live Room. 25ppl max and the entire recording studio must be rented for a cost of $88/hour.

We also rent our parking lot for outdoor events! If you are renting space at Lynx Music for a special event please email

Can I extend my recording studio booking during a session?

Yes, if the room is available bookings can be extended.

Can I leave my gear in a room overnight?

Clients are allowed to leave gear overnight provided they rent the room until at least 1am and must also rent at least 10am-11am the following day to ensure nothing encroaches on another client’s rental time.

Do you accept walk-in bookings?

Walk-in bookings are accepted, but we recommend reserving your room in advance as our studios are very busy. Engineers are not available by walk-in.

Are there any discounts for long-term bookings?

No, there are no long-term discounts available.

I am new to recording, can someone help me?

Lynx Music offers engineering services for $25/hour, 3-hour minimum. Inquire for more details.


If you are new to the studio, a 3-hour engineering session can be used as a detailed tutorial demonstrating how the room/studio works.


Otherwise the staff on the floor can provide a small amount of guidance depending on how busy it is.

Can we lock the door when we go outside for a break?

Yes, each room has a locking privacy set which can be used to keep your gear safe when going for a break outside. Front desk staff will be required to let you back into your room.

Does Lynx Music have wheelchair accessibility?

Yes, Lynx Music is fully wheelchair accessible, including full accessibility in washrooms, all common areas and main entrance/exits.

Are there any restaurants and/or convenience stores nearby?

Lynx Music is located at Lansdowne and Dupont, a quick walk from several cafes including Hale Coffee Co., Wallace Espresso, Emerson Espresso and more. For convenience stores or grocery there is a nearby Pioneer Station, Min-A-Mart and Foodbasics. The McDonalds at Dufferin And Dupont is only a 5 minute walk away.